Throwing Spaghetti Against the Wall!

This Is For You If:

You are trying every tactic and not making any money

You are working hard around the clock for clients who don't appreciate you.

You are tired of being your industry's best kept secret.

I'm Going To Show You:

By the end of this 40 minute on demand webinar, you'll have a method to laser focus your marketing to attract your ideal client and understand how doing this increases your bottom line and decreases the number of tasks on your to-do list.

The most common marketing mistake being made by small businesses which always results in attracting bad clients

A simple yet effective way to increase your bottom line by 300%+ while working less and enjoying your business more

The surprising key to effective marketing (and how to harness this for your business)

The five important steps to creating a high converting strategy to attract clients you love.

Melanie Rhora
Queen of Online Business Growth

Your Webinar Host:

Melanie Rhora

I’m the founder of MVR Marketing Solutions.  A team of digital marketing specialists dedicated to helping established businesses to grow – earning their owners more income while only working with the clients they love.

I have been in the field of digital marketing since 2002.  I've helped thousands of businesses with their online marketing strategies, created over 25,000 web pages personally, and have earned my clients hundreds of millions in revenue through digital marketing tactics.

I have been where you are ~ working around the clock (including weekends and holidays) for clients who didn't appreciate me.  It sucked!  I made big changes in my business and life and now I'm blessed to only work with my dream clients.  The best part is I get to help others do the same thing.  My greatest joy is helping other business owners attract the right clients and feel empowered to say no to the clients who aren’t a good fit.

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