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Look Good & Get Results online!

Most branding agencies know a lot about making people and companies look good, but NOT a lot about online marketing and conversion.

They build sites that look GREAT but don’t work from a business standpoint. In other words, expensive brochures. No one wants that!!  We are different!

Over our 12 years in business, we learned the most important question to ask our clients (a question most web designers & agencies never ask small businesses) - "How are you going to make money with your website?".

After all, web designers went to design school, not business school, so they can focus on the wrong things ~ like the newest & coolest design techniques… instead of what’s going to reliably work day in & day out to convert traffic into paying customers.  

When an entrepreneur trusts their business to folks with no proven experience in direct response marketing, they are taking a big risk of ending up with an expensive “brochure website” that sits there collecting dust.  We make certain our clients have the tools needed to prosper online. 

We Are Direct Response Marketing Specialists

We specialize in translating your websites and online marketing into words, images, and experiences that convey what you are all about all while turning visitors into buyers.  How we do this:

Online Success Maximizer Day

We start with a one day deep dive to fully understand your brand, market positioning, and unique selling proposition. We explore the look and feel of your brand, and craft your web strategy and implementation plan.

Design for Wow Factor

Whether that’s modern, classic, elegant, bold or creative, our goal is to dial into a look and feel that captures you and creates instant resonance with the kind of people you most want to attract.

Consistent Look & Feel

We'll carry this look and feel through a custom high-converting website, opt-in pages, sales pages, membership site, and any other materials you want to create.  This way you have a consistent feel to everything you do.

Skyrocket Your Brand

We'll create the visual elements you need to skyrocket your brand.  We'll craft the overall look and feel of your brand as well as your color palette, font system, and even logo if you are ready for a change.

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Looking for a stunning brand that skyrockets your business to new heights?  We help heart-centered business owners build gorgeous brands that convert online.

Yes, Melanie!  I Am Ready to...

  • Create A Strong Launch-Pad For My Business.
  • Invest In My Freedom to have my Profits and Weekends too.
  • Serve More of the people I love to work with.
  • Take My Business To New Heights
  • Challenge My Perfectionism
  • Attract a Consistent Stream of Clients
  • Create the Freedom I Know I Deserve
  • Profit From the Work I Love to Do and Serve those I'm Called To Serve

Brilliant!  We're So Glad You Are Here!  It's This Easy...

Congratulations And Welcome To

Online Business Booster Bootcamp™

One Small Step for You
~ One Giant Leap For Your Business!

Ready For Accelerated Results!

Learn About Our Private Coaching Opportunities (Up to $67,000 Value)

Business Booster Bootcamp™ - Private Access

If you’re building your business on a deadline and know you need in depth one-on-one support to get there, Private Access will give you the extra Boost you need.  You'll receive everything in core plus:

  • FULL ACCESS FOR A BUSINESS PARTNER in the same business at no charge ($33,500 Value)
  • 1 EMERGENCY HIP POCKET LASER COACHING CALL if you run into something and you need help between our calls and it isn’t an email thing, you can reach out and get help right away ($1,000 Value)

Total Package Cost:  $9800

"In less than a month, I have more new leads than I had collected over the whole previous year…and we’re just getting started.”

Susan Mazza,

Random Acts of Leadership

"Since we started working with Melanie and her team, we've had to double our staff to keep up with demand.”

Dan Reymer,

General Manager, Middlesex Concrete Forming
**that was almost 100 additional workers

"Melanie and her team was amazing to work with on our redesign project. They were professional, knowledgeable and a delight to be around."

Janice Belliveau,

Executive Director, Clare Mutual Insurance Company

"We tried to get our project completed for a year prior to getting Melanie's help.  With her patience and professionalism, this large website was created and organized in under six months!” 

Roderic Beaujot,

Professor, Western University,
Dept. of Sociology, PCLC Knowledge Cluster
**website was 1500 pages (750 per language)

"You work miracles!” 

Brenda Hutcheson

Administrative Officer, Western University
Department of History

"Melanie and her team provided us with clear and actionable advice. She consulted with us to determine our needs and produced a new web site and associated logos and materials that met our needs. There are a lot of businesses working in this space, but there are not a lot of businesses with the ability to meet our needs like Melanie. We've been through a number of online marketers and web site developers in our time and we've finally found one that we want to stick with."

Brian Joudrey,

Owner, bNetworked

"Before working with Melanie and her team, we lacked qualified website and online marketing support. We rely on Melanie for any and all online business-related problems. I would absolutely recommend her and her team to another business that might be on the fence.”

Tom Woodland,

Owner, Jailbird Designsclare

"Working with Melanie and her team was so easy.  She worked efficiently through our mess of documents to come up with a brand voice that showcases who we are as a collective unit.  
We are proud to present this to the world in our new website.” 

Karen Kloibhofer,

Chair, The Apprenticeship Network
Co-op Consultant, Fanshawe College

"I’m now working only with client’s I love. You need to talk with Melanie about your digital marketing strategy. She’s the real thing.” 

Kamini Le Capelain

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Looking for a stunning brand that skyrockets your business to new heights?  We help heart-centered business owners build gorgeous brands that convert online.