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This challenge is designed specifically for you to unlock your dream client, the language used to attract them, and where to locate them online so you can reliably fuel your business with consistent traffic.
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The Next Live Fuel Your Funnel Challenge is January 10 - 14, 2022.

Why You Need This....
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Have you built a website, lead magnet, or fully automated funnel, just to hear the sound of crickets as you sit there alone wondering why no one has arrived?

Imagine filling that funnel full of clients you would love to work with.

Sound like a dream?

This dream can come true.

Our free 5-Day Fuel Your Funnel Challenge is designed specifically to help you unlock your dream client, the language used to attract them, and where to locate them online so you can reliably fuel your business with consistent traffic.  

It's time to enjoy a profitable business working only with clients you love. Register today.

What Will You Learn?

Most small businesses have no idea how to entice their ideal clients to their online spaces.  So in this challenge, Melanie Rhora, the Queen of Online Business Growth, will expose the secrets she's learned in over 25 years in digital marketing.


Step 1: Determine Who Your Ideal Client Is

The first thing you need to know about your dream clients is who they are.  Sometimes it is easy to pick this group, other times you may have a few that you want to work with. There are all kinds of marketing speak around this – including target market and niche.  All will be explained easily and you will have great access to resources to determine who your true ideal client is.


Step 2: Understanding The Results Your Client Wants

Understanding your Dream Client is the key to building a business you love. It also makes all your content creation easier, your audience engagement better, and your digital marketing much more effective.  So we will spend some time digging into the mind of your dream client.


Step 3: Your Client's Secret Language

We’re going to dive into the language your ideal client uses when communicating with themself, their friends, and your business.  You'll discover the language that will uniquely show YOUR dream client that you understand them and honestly want to help them achieve their desired result.


Step 4: Finding Your Dream Clients Online

There are so many online spaces designed for many different styles of communication.  By the end of the challenge, you'll understand where your dream clients spend their time and resources online as well as what to do to entice them to your online spaces.

Who Will You Learn From?

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Melanie Rhora

Queen of Online Business Growth

Successful entrepreneur, author, pilot, and Queen of Online Business Growth - Melanie Rhora has personally created over 25,000 web pages, earned clients millions in revenue through digital marketing and trained thousands of people in marketing, branding, and the tech skills that go along with it.

When Melanie started her company 12 years ago, she was working around the clock (including weekends and holidays) for clients who didn't appreciate her. By making big changes in her business and life, she is now blessed to only work with her dream clients. Her greatest joy is helping small business owners attract the right clients and feel empowered to say no to the clients who aren’t a good fit.  I want to give each and every entrepreneur the boost needed to become wildly successful in the way that works best for them and their families.

Fuel Your Funnel Challenge - Skyrocket Your Success - Build A Profitable Business Online

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