Online Success MaximizerTM System

The saying, "if you don't plan well, you can't execute well" remains true even in our digital age.   The best thing you can do to ensure online business success is create an online success plan.  

Digital marketing is made up of a lot of moving parts which can be broken down to strategy & tactics.  If you are only using the tactics (like creating a website, social media posts, and advertising) with no strategy then it’s a bit like throwing spaghetti against the wall.  You’re just hoping something will stick.)

Using our Online Success Maximizer™ System, we’ll meet for a full day deep dive with your key team members (and mine) to create a comprehensive yet easy to follow marketing strategy.   Within that day we:

  • Clarify Your Vision of Online Success (including determining the views, clicks, and opt-ins, needed to achieve your goals)
  • Understand Your Ideal Clients (including where you'll find them online and the digital messaging that will engage them)
  • Devise Your High Converting Online Offer (including how your offer is unique from your online competitors)
  • Optimize Your Online Marketing Infrastructure (including honing your lead magnet and other online marketing tools)
  • Develop Your Online Sales Process (includes developing your customized digital sales funnel and first online ads)

You’ll receive digital copies of all information from that day in an easy to use summary report.  With this strategy in place, your tactics are clear and can easily be followed by your internal team, our team, or any marketing firm you choose.

What Clients Say About Our Online Success Maximizers:

Deeper Sense of Clarity...

“I loved my Online Success Maximizer experience! Having genuine “all eyes on” support for my business and marketing message was amazing. As a solopreneur, it was a nice change to have a ‘team for a day’.

The organization and structure of the day flowed logically, and inspirationally, from one step of the process to the next.

I walked away with an even deeper sense of clarity than I had been able to achieve on my own. Swimming around in your head only offers one perspective. This experience offered multiple valuable perspectives!”

Tasha Hughes

Zest for LIFE

Loves New Ideal Client...

“Our Maximizer was very productive. We covered a lot and had everyone in the room so it was good to get consensus on things. The most valuable part of the process was determining our target customer – Bryan the Beer Guide. I truly love him!

I’m excited for our internal team to build out the automated email cycles and sales funnels we determined today!”

Emily Tipton

Boxing Rock Brewing Company

** Update – The Boxing Rock team totally rocked building out their Marketing Maximizer strategy! They launched their new Brewmance Boxes in late November and sold out their Christmas supply!

Excited for new marketing program...

“During our Online Success Maximizer we were able to refocus our vision for the company and come up with a marketing program that excited us. It was so valuable having extra eye’s on what we are currently doing and what our plan for the future is. I’m excited about building out the marketing strategies for both The Station and Lunn’s Mill”

Sean Ebert

the station restaurant & lunns Mill Beer Co.

Created a lead generation machine...

“During my Online Success Maximizer, Melanie and her team helped me reconnect with my business and my ideal client. We mapped out a marketing strategy that completely revolved around my ideal client. We took my tried, tested, and true content and put the parts together in new ways to create a lead generation machine. In less than a month, I have more new leads than I had collected over the whole previous year…and we’re just getting started.”

Susan Mazza

random acts of leadership